Home restore assistance-retired builder

My name is R. K. Glover; I am a retired construction professional seeking quiet winter quarters. Will exchange house sitting duties and/or repair work in return for a single room with internet connection. I am capable of supervising larger projects if required. I am in good heath, do not smoke or drink. Active but limited with respect to ladders or roof work. Resume and recommendations available. Googleable. contact me by email: farellibooks@gmail.com Added 9/13/17 My offer remains the same. I do not wish to profit on the misfortune of others. I offer my services subject to physical limitations. Extra time beyond what I have stated above is negotiable to a certain extent. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I have over 45 years of construction management experience, some of it in Florida. My offer is to individual families only.
Updated 15-Sep-2017
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