A Real Room $140.00 DEP.

One month free rent after 6 months. Hello, My Name is Jimmy. I'm quiet, Very Well Mannered, Clean, Very Considerate and friendly, I'm also very spiritual and real (in a good way). But before I tell you about myself let me tell you about what this home has to offer. I'm not involved in doing bad by my female roommates. The rent is month to month in case your uncomfortable. This is a real room, not a shell. The room features a full-size bed, 2 large mirror closet with 2 smaller mirror storage on top, a large dresser. a large double stacked Armoire withdraws. 2-night tables, a regular closet, and a ceiling fan. You will have two rooms to choose from, upstairs or downstairs. You will also have a lock on your door along with security safe for your peace of mind. The foyer lights and the hallway lights stay on 24/7. The porch can stay on also at your request. Access to in-home gym, Private refrigerator if needed/wanted. Smart TV in the room for all of your TV needs. Access to the living room, Driveway, Den, Laundry, Gym, Study, Kitchen, and spacious Sunroom. Also have access to flat screens, Netflicks, Amazon Movies, Firestick G/B, and many DVD's. Freshwater cooler, and all kitchen appliances. KEURIG coffee marker with FREE coffee daily when used commonly. Large yard area. Purified water. Security is outstanding! Every door, every window plus motions and glass break alarms for added concern. Woman preferred (already tried a male). Clean and very responsible. Must have transportation. No kids but will consider special conditions. Stores: Target the mall, Lowes, Home Depot, Home goods, Best buys, Kroger, Walmart, Aldes, Food Depot, BJ's, and many, many more. Feel free to drive by and check out the property. As for me, I depend on my daily word but you won't see me at a church much. I have my reasons thou. I do the normal like reading and watching some TV often passes the time. Twice a year I conduct a photo fashion shoot in my studio. We have my, models, a manager, make-up, and maybe another photographer here. I'm very easy here, you'll never be disturbed when you get home. I also meditate often and keep up with spiritual teachings. The reason why I'm looking for a female roommate and not a male is because of cleanliness issues, and my odds of living with a more likable person are better with a female. (just being honest about it.) If you sleep upstairs, I'll sleep downstairs for your comfort. I won't mine. As it is now I don't know the last time I've slept in the master bedroom. I do cook a lot so you may feel better with the upstairs bedroom. If you have a ladies night while here I'll make myself scarce. It's quiet and just a little out of the way. So if you're new to Atlanta or just looking for a new start I invite you to give me and my humble home a try. In closing, I think that opposite-sex roommates can be cool. After a while, it will be like normal. All privacy and rights will be respected. I also have too much to risk and throw away by foul play. Oh yeah. Please read the amenities. It's a lot! Here is a little of what I am about. One of my business is maintaining Plus Size And Sassy.com Its a business/ hobby of mine which I enjoy. I also maintain a full-time job. I don't do too much traveling these days. I like smooth jazz, neo, and calypso music. I have a laid back attitude but I'm not laid back. I DONT REALLY WATCH tv as much, I'm always into other things a little more productive. religious and very spiritual--very. I am a Libra (if that account for anything) and I always treat people as I would like to be treated, sometimes better depending on the circumstances. I have no criminal record. I'm pretty peaceful. My family is in Ga. and SC. I like to believe that I'm pretty focused, and operate in a timely manner. I keep my promises and I'm tested from time to time. 8378866 is my number if you would like to speak to me. With and A-code of 6.7.8. I hope that you read all of what the room has to offer. jimi vega at yahoooo is where I may be found. You may move in right away if needed. --Oh one more thing. If you think that you have a bad disposition please don't come. There's no cursing, nor yelling of any kind. Not on the phone or nowhere. Maybe at the TV but that's where it ends. Everything stays nice-nice-nice. looking forward to meeting you. Thank you. -J
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