All our coops were originally designed at our own family farm to house our flock. We tried them for years to be sure they were durable, convenient to use, healthful, and attractive - to the chickens as well as to us. CEDAR ROOF all the way down on one side (wind-facing). The other side has three full-size doors for easy cleaning, and for your flock to go in and out.. MANY ROOST BARS - more than enough for chickens to find their favorite spot. Nest box is included PORTABLE: The large coops are two(or three) buildings connected in a modular setup, making it easy to move one piece at a time, when it's time for some new grass underneath. *4x8 coop for 12 chickens $605, *3x6 coop for 4-7 chickens $399. Please visit our website for more info, a video shows details about these coops. *8x8 coop for 20+ chickens $1274 More info and the video about easily winterizing these coop- *8x12 (20% off now) $1740 for 30-36 chickens *Portable chicken fence post for free-range chicken yard $195 A video shows how it works- Call or text me if you have any questions, Thanks! Pat
Updated 23-Sep-2016
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