I am looking for an inversion table. Please let me know if you have one you re not using!
Time to clean out your jewelry box of your unwanted, missing pieces or broken jewelry! Looking for chains, pendents, earrings, beads. Thank you!
looking for a bunch of empty altoid's tins for a project for my students. thanks in advance.
Looking for 40wt. machine embroidery thread. Been making a lot of Christmas Ornaments.
we are looking for used but functional kitchen cabinets, long and deep bathtub,primer,paint,wood for flooring and tiles for kitchen and bathroom floor thank you
My husband and I have way too many books and are looking for shelves to put them on to keep them from piling up all over the house. Any size helps!
I am looking for 1 plain wood pallet (any condition no broken wood though)48 x 40
Looking for an old Mellophone to turn into a lamp for my nephew, who plays that instrument in TBDBIL at OSU. Does not need to work!
I'm looking for old car, truck or farm inner tubes for sledding.
We need boxes, bubble wrap, tape, newspaper to cushion fragile things. All of it. Thanks!
Looking for hardcover books of any size, topic, or quality - it's for an art project. I'll take as many as you can spare, thanks
Leaving Sat Dec 8th on Greyhound. If anyone has larger suitcase with wheels would help but will use without, thank you very much...Kelly