Little Giant Skyscraper M21

Onsite pick up preferred. Designed to be used in place of expensive lifts or scaffolding, these stepladders are ideal for reaching extreme heights or ceilings such as those found in auditoriums, theaters, churches, warehouses, gymnasiums, industrial buildings or homes with vaulted ceilings. The minimum A-Frame height is 11’, while the weight is 103 lbs. The storage width base is 3’7”. Regardless of the height, each model has an ANSI Type 1A Duty Rating with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. Each features an inner and outer rung size of 1” with a 3” double section rung size and include a 5-year warranty. With their aluminum construction and extra heavy-duty lock tab extension lock system, they offer an exceptional level of safety and stability when reaching extremely high places. For additional safety, the Bi-Lock palm and hinge system ensures it will remain securely in place when in use. Boasting weather-resistant construction, they are resistant to corrosion and rust, while the adjustable height allows them to be easily used on uneven surfaces such as stairs and ramps. The flared legs of the Little Giant Skyscraper create additional stability when using it to work on high areas.
Updated 10-May-2018
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