Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer, DUI Defense Lawyer

In Colorado Springs, attorney Steven T. Rodemer is a top choice when you are facing a criminal charge that could have long term consequences. In addition to jail or prison time, a criminal conviction can prevent you from finding suitable employment, obtaining housing, qualifying for financial aid to attend college, holding public office, voting, and owning a gun. A DUI or DWAI charge can stand in the way of you ability to get to and from work if your license is suspended. And any criminal charge will have a negative impact on your reputation, and can potentially tear your family apart, causing you to lose the things that make life worth living. Facing a criminal charge can be daunting, but you should know that you have constitutional rights, including the right to counsel. The road from accusation to conviction is a long one, and with the right attorney, you have many options that can work in your favor. TYPES OF CASES Handling all types of criminal cases in the Colorado Springs area, Steve Rodemer is a results-oriented trial attorney experienced in defending clients against a wide range of charges. He is a former prosecutor who knows how Colorado’s criminal justice system works from the inside. He is highly regarded by judges, other lawyers, and current and former clients for his diligence, knowledge, intelligence, and commitment to the rights of the accused. DEFENSES ARE AVAILABLE
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