Discounted 100,000 Acres of private land Mule Deer or Antelope guided w/ M&Lodging

Hunt ID:5042-CO-G-L-3495-107-MDeerWDeerAntelope-RIBA4RRI-CC1OE-O1NR-Great Mule Deer You ask where the big Mule Deer Bucks are being taken today. The experts won’t say to keep their secret a secret, but I will tell you it is on Colorado large fertile western Plains. This outfitters area is one area that the whitetail isn’t pushing the Mule Deer out and he plans to keep it that way. He gets a whitetail buck and doe license every year so that if he sees either they are down in an instant. December Muley Rut season $4900 discounted down to only $ 3295, if you don’t have a license the $2500 voucher can be got for only $ 1500. This property produced a 186 and a 220 Mule Deer Last year and 2 180-190 bucks 3 years ago. Like any bucks of that size you just must be there to get one and the only guarantee is that you will see Mule Deer but not the size of course. Large Whitetail Bucks are also available in certain areas of the 1000,000 acres that you will be hunting. 190 plus Bucks were taken last year, over 100,000 private land acres to hunt, and with the corn up during early season, hunting was difficult, cones out now, and the bucks are EXPOSED. This outfitter continues to take big bucks. Deer and antelope are all private land guided hunts with lodging on the eastern plains. We only take a handful of deer and elk to keep the quality high. These deer and antelope are older than most but on the other hand they are also smarter than most as well.
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