Personal Food Service Professional

Looking for a break from cooking but don't want have the time/money to eat out or had a meal planned that you've lost interest in preparing through your day? How about wanting to have a special/romantic meal prepared for an in-home dinner with someone special without the stress and hassle of doing it all yourself when you want to make that good impression? Think about having someone with 10+ years of experience in the food service industry that is certified in food safety with a diversity in culinary cuisines prepare that dining experience for you.. from the food itself, to the service of the food and even the setting of a desired dining atmosphere. Allow me to be your personal restaurateur, whether it be in your home or in the backyard for a bbq that you'd like to enjoy, instead of slaving over the grill while your guests enjoy the hospitality. I am capable of planning, preparing, serving and even cleaning your any food service request at a fair and reasonable price. Feel free to contact me anytime for any comments, questions or concerns you may have and I will gladly discuss any details with you further. Thank you! Email: Phone: 732-668-921
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