HOT Summer Sub Leased Junction college Apartments

Junction at College Station apartments!! 4 bedroom town home with all the amenities dryer, washer kitchen etc etc. pool,gym,study rooms in the office and so much more.You will have one of the rooms with a closet and own bathroom! fully furnished bed ,dresser, night stand.my roommates are gone for the summer you'll be by yourself. I am renting all May,june,july. my contract expires on july 31. so after that it is your choice to stay or not. rent is 570 but ill pick up the electric and another 90 dollars so a deduction of 120. so your rent is 450 each month no deposit is necessary so it is a deal. this is only a summer sub leased. you can move in the month of May! all I need is 1 day to empty room. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRUqwf0doWo&t=4s
Updated over a month ago