ASPIRE 1 bedroom in a 4x4 apartment seconds from campus

is is literally across the street from campus. i could throw a rock at the mitchell physics buliding. Hello! I LOVE living here. I am really sad about moving out. I signed a lease for next fall but I decided that I needed to live in my sorority house. I want to have the memories with my best friends. Unfortunately I can not do so until my lease is subleased by someone else. The aspire is a 30 second WALK to campus. So you can never have an excuse to be late to class! The aspire is only one year old, so it is very new. I was very clean so the apartment is very nice. It includes three wonderful roommates. It has a very spacious layout and a nice walk in closet. Every apartment has a nice new washer and dryer. The bed and furniture are provided by the aspire.
Updated over a month ago