Why Should I Spend My Hard Earned cash 2 Have My Car Detailed???

Professional detailing is vital to the longevity of your vehicle. Dirt, grime, road salt, and other contaminants can stain and destroy your vehicle's interior. Regular cleaning can keep stains and problems from becoming permanent. Benefits: The entire interior of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected Our exclusive anti-bacterial cleaning product helps kill germs and bacteria We fully disinfect the upholstery, carpet, glass, trim, and steering wheel We clean all those hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean places like the air vents, instrument cluster, shifter housing, cup holders, and all the glass You have the option of returning every year to have your interior completely renewed and re-protected at a substantial discount Your vehicle upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed and spot-cleaned All leather, vinyl, and trim is cleaned and conditioned Your vehicle will be left with a clean, fresh look and fragrance ​​ Clay Paint Restoration/Reconditioning Hi-Speed Polishing Paint Scratch Repair/ Headlight Restoration Service... Commming Soon Rain Repellant Glass Treatment Paint Protection/Paint Restoration/Reconditioning Don't forget to ask about...Exterior Detailing or Express Maintenance Packages to get your entire vehicle looking new again or To just Keep it well upkept between services and Dont Forget Too add Fabric Protection to keep new stains from setting. Budget Maintenance Package (Wash & Vacuum Package) Save your vehicle from the harsh elements of the automatic car washing systems. Let Our detailing specialists clean your vehicle professionally at low cost with cleaning procedures recommended by your vehicles manufactures. Also keep the road salt & grime from eating at your vehicle in winter. And in the summer keep the road grime off your vehicle & keep it looking new. Note: This package is recommended for our clients that like to keep their vehicles cleaned regularly. And away from the hash elements of an automatic car washing system. (Which may damage your vehicle's finish) Package Includes Hand wash with formulated wax soap Clean rims & tires Pressure wash inner wheel wells Pressure wash underside of vehicle Dry exterior Wipe/Dust door jams (does not include grease removal) Clean interior & exterior windows Dust down dash Vacuum complete interior of vehicle (trunk not included) Treat tires (with professional grade tire treatment) Vehicle Pricing Starting At Only $39.99* Our detailing specialists work year round to keep your vehicles looking and feeling new. We can perform most services down to 30F degrees. Wax packages can be performed 45F degrees and above. Prices are subject to change at any time. Some prices may vary depending upon vehicle cleanliness. NS Automotive Services Clinton Twnshp 48035 313-629-2035 Free Website Counter
Updated 9-Dec-2012
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