Attorney Opportunities Available

A NATIONWIDE CERTIFIED MORTGAGE AUDITING COMPANY BASED IN NJ Welcomes Exp./No Exp. Attorneys from the legal community who want to help homeowners save their homes. There has been an extreme shortage of affordable and reliable legal services for homeowners across New Jersey and the nation. The need is huge. Homeowners need legal professionals to help advise, educate or prepare them for foreclosure defense/offense, or other litigation as well as out-of-court solutions. If you are not aware of the opportunity that foreclosure defense/offense brings speak with us. We will Train and educate attorneys with or without Experience in this large growing niche in the legal industry at no cost! (LIMITED TIME ONLY) We will also help with client marketing and back office processing. THIS YEAR ALONE IS ESTIMATED THERE WILL BE 12 MILLION FORECLOSURES E-mail us at *This is an opportunity for Attorneys to familiarize themselves with Foreclosure Industry Defense/Offense and how it Will generate income
Updated 22-Mar-2012
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