I am moving and is in need of both stove and refrigerator and anything else that may be available for a new home starting from scratch as far as appliances, furniture, ktchenware etc..
I am looking for a Camaro 1970-1992 or 1978-1988 GM G-body. I am looking for a good body, no heavy rusted or damage or wrecked cars. The drive train is not that important. I am not looking for any cars that have been heavy modified or car with blower, turbos or big block cars(unless your willing to sell them cheap). I am looking for a good body that I can use a drive train that I have
My family is really struggling at the moment and we could really use some food..If anyone could please help.. I have 4 little ones and it's really tough right now.
In search of records, old and new: LPs, 78s & 45s. All genres, etc. Thank you!
Looking for a wood (or metal) easel to hold pictures/art. Thanks!
Looking for old, pre-1960s Catholic books, sacramentals, or other old Catholic items. Please email me with questions, etc. Thanks!
Looking for a large-ish sized mirror to use for a vanity, preferably with lights... doesn't need to be too bit, just big enough to use over a vanity. Thank you!
Hello,I am looking for any old/used foaming dispenser bottles. The foaming soap bottles from bath and body works. If you have any new ones that you don't need, I will gladly pick up also. Thank you.
In desperate need of a refrigerator. Ours quit working two weeks ago and do not have the money to pay for one. No use in having a refrigerator if you have no home to put it in. Thank you.
Hi: This post is for anyone that has big size Men''s clothes and Space heater they don't need or want. Men's clothes Extra large to 5XLT, sweat pants, shirt, and ovver 42" waist dress pants, 17" and larger dress shirts. Space heater, does not matter. For those who know and/or are near University Settlement in Cleveland, they're always looking for mens clothes any sizes as donations since they d...
Hi if anyone has an electric dryer that s no longer needed and it works please feel free to offer it to me I m really in need of one thanks in advance
I'm in need of a futon mattress cover for a full size if ur not using no more can I please have it?
12-Jan-2019Brunswick, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any Box Tops from cereal boxes and other foods. Will go to good cause for kids. Thank you for your help.