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AWESOME & VERY STRAIGHT-FORWARD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH, KUDOS TO MARIO!!! Carl M. [Contact Carl M.] Submitted this review about Z Best Auto Transport Review made Live: 7/20/2016 4:28:00 PM We never shipped any vehicles from point to point before. Basically, a newbie or rookie on these stuff so the usual apprehension, dread you read that's similar from other reviewers comes natural. It took us some weeks to research and compare companies, rates, etc. to ship our vehicle from NJ to CA. One company we noticed, they'll quote you a lower rate online then once you call they'll put additional charges and will give one excuse after another. Thus, the worries & concern of finding a good, honest transporter always come to mind. I came across Z-Best Vehicle Transport via an online search. I was impressed first by its clear & well-designed website, Z-Best's upfront & good explanation of services, excellent tips on how to prepare your vehicles before transporting and superb reviews from current & past customers even from 3rd party site reviews. I called and spoke with Mario, he answered right away and gave me a concrete, solid quote of $amount that's lower than the rest that we received from 5+ competitors. Mario walked me through the process and explained how his company works and explained that he also use 3rd party transports in order to help/speed the process but he informed me first to get my approval or consent until I gave my go-signal and our vehicle was picked-up in NJ at no time at all. My family & I were surprised by the speed & efficiency of the NJ pick-up that I thought 'we just got lucky' sorta... They promised a certain time-frame for a morning pick-up last Friday, July 15, 2016, that I even told a relative waiting with vehicle in NJ not to expect driver until noon. I was wrong again when trucker showed up bright and early Fri morn per my relative as they promised and picked-up the vehicle!!! They promised 7-10days. I'm not accustomed to such efficiency especially dealing with so many 'moving parts' since I work in the wholesale & manufacturing sector that I again resigned to the fact that since the quote was really at the bottom of the price range vs. other shippers to expect at least 10+days or 2+weeks for the vehicle to finally arrive in SoCal area, 7days or so just too much to expect I told myself. Mario and his team embarrassed me again by calling Tuesday afternoon, mere four (4) days from pick-up date, and told me that vehicle already in SoCal and they will deliver/drop-off the following day, Wed, July 20th between 9-12noon. I finally gave up on such negative thoughts and resigned to the truth that, as far as my vehicle was handled, they fulfilled everything they promised at above & beyond our expectations. Mario also helped me process part of my payment via my credit card to alleviate cost to future period and I conveniently paid the rest through money-order that I handed to the driver. Very rare for these types of vehicle shipping companies to accept and/or back-up their reputation by accepting credit cards for some reason or another they prefer only cash, cashiers check & money orders but Z Best Vehicle Transport believes in its solid customer service and NO surprises as far as the quoted amount and final $$amount is concerned - shipped in 5 days even!!! I told Mario that his every good deed shall not go unpunished... So, I have to commend him personally, his company and partners in performing such an excellent service to my order. More often than not, price/cost is just secondary and customer service, honesty & being upfront to customers create more buzz for the business and more referrals down the line. Mario is a stand-up guy! Family & I will never think twice to use or recommend him outright to friends & family members in this highly competitive shipping industry, in particular and very mobile, constant-moving country of ours, in general. Thanks, Z-Best!!!
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