Each tin contains 5 handmade packs of 13 pokemon cards (including 1 rare some tins have 2), the evolution cards that go with the tin, and bonus mini pokemon figurines (approx 5 per tin). Price is per tin. These are used cards. But in great condition.
Stack of New kids On The Block trading cards & stickers (not complete set... some doubles) circa 1989
1994 NASCAR trading cards Over 300 cards from 1994 . All the great drivers were racing then Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jeff Gordon, Darell Waltrip, to name a few A collection Max94 and classic Come with Dale Earnhardt Sr 40 x 30 banner flag
There are 329 cards, enough for 4 players. 2 playing mats and rule books.4 cards that came with chocolate frogs. Lastly 54 sorcerer's stone collectors cards.
Buying / Selling / Trading for all types of cards! Raw cards, graded cards, sealed cards! Let me know what you have or what you're looking for !
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