Purchased on site this past December. I m unable to give him the attention he needs. Any potential interest must be willing to give him the attention, patience, and love he needs. Must pick up, PM me for address, OOA approved LL .
Around a year old Quaker parrot (not been sexed guessing it's a male) comes with big cage and small cage rehome fee $400 He does try to talk and can be held.
Hi, I am Green Bean! I am a Quaker parrot, my exact age is not known, but I am a younger bird. I came to BNW when my elderly owners were moving and couldn't keep me. I used to ride on the shoulder some, but I haven't been handled for a while and I am...

Gaming pc

Gaming pc looking to trade for a gaming laptop or a small parrot conure or quaker parrot or just ask me what you gotThe computer has 16gb of ram500gb of hard drive 60fps per frame graphics card msi GeForce gtx 1080 its plays gta5 and ark survival with mods with no issue with no lag at all
Buccaneers win Super Bowl is 18 x 22. Pewter black frame. Might be a LONG time before anything like this comes around again - $40Owl After The Bath by Audrey Casey, 19 x 25. - $20Porcelain Duck plates by Maynard Reece, signed and numbered, 11.75 diameter, made in Limoges, France. Pintail Ducks 3 flying Canada Geese 2 standing, 3 flying Canvasback Ducks 2 flying. -$5 each Crane by David Algood, ...
The monk parakeet, also known as the Quaker parrot, is a species of true parrot in the family Psittacidae. It is a small, yellow with red eyes 11 months old Speak a few words
Paco and Maxine are a pair of Quaker parrots whose ex is unknown. They are tame but can be cage territorial.
baby & Birdie are a bonded pair of Quaker parrots. Both are tame and enjoy human company or each others company. They must be adopted together
Bonita is a female quaker parrot. We don't know how old she is. She lives in the same cage as her buddy, Little man. Little man is a 2 year old lovebird. Bonita and Little man have to be adopted together. They are not tame. They do well with each other. The adoption charge for Little man is $20. The adoption payment for Bonita is $75.
I have a coming 7yr old male galah cockatoo for SALE. Ive decided to SALE him because I dont have what it takes that he needs he is handlable loves music and you tube bird videos of course. He has his own room and is never locked up but has become adutated for some reason and isnt letting me catch him and I dont have what it takes to chase him around. He is use to cats and dogs isnt afraid of t...
Quaker Parrots are 8.5 x 10, one bird is right in the flash glare - $102 Small bird drawings are signed, 8.5 x 15 - $20Owl After The Bath, signed by Audrey Casey, 19 x 25 - $20Porcelain duck plates by Maynard Reece, signed and numbered. 2 Pintail Ducks, 1 Canada Geese and 1 Canvasback Ducks - $5 each Buccaneers Win Super Bowl Pewter and black frame, 18 x 22 - $40Wagon and wheelbarrow by Neel, 1...
Cosmo is an fully grown Quaker parrot. She has a severely splayed leg but it doesn't hinder her in any way except perching, which she still does but puts her great leg on the perch and holds onto the bars with the splayed one.
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