11 New , Gorgeous, Paradise Gallery porcelain dolls. Great for Christmas gifts. Can meet at Oops alley for pickup.
Handmade porcelain dolls in excellent condition. I made them many years ago at a doll making class in NC. They have been boxed in bubble wrap for the majority of their life. No holes or fading in the clothes. Hair is like in very good shape. Body is stuffed and enclosed in cloth. Arms, legs and head are porcelain. $100 each or both for $175.
The Doll Is In Mint Condition. Campbell Kids The Dancing Chef Porcelain Collector Doll. Always boxed up, never displayed. At times the doll was taken out of the box to show others, but the doll has spent 99.9% of the time in the box. Doll measures 10" tall, from bottom of the extended leg to top of head. Includes the following, 1)The Dancing Chef Fine Porcelain Collector Doll 2)Stand 3)Chef Hat...
Collectible porcelain dolls most of them come in their original boxes from the Ashton-Drake company with their certificate dolls price range between $35 to $50 each all in good condition
Porcelain collectible dolls some of them come in their original boxes with certificates from the Ashton-Drake company dolls price between $10 a doll to $45 a doll
Collectible porcelain dolls all in good condition some of them come in their original boxes with certificates the ones from the Ashton-Drake company do does range between $10 each to $45 each
Beautiful Porcelain Doll in great conditions perfect for your Collections Or a perfect gift for your loved one For more information call