Hamster cage a little rusty, and needs cleaning. Accessories include 2 hamster wheels, hamster house, half a bag of paper bedding, and 2 platforms each with slides. One platform needs 2 screws and bolts, but any size will do for the holes.
There are 6 babies hamsters, loving , cute, all brown and white. About 3 1\2 weeks old rehoming fee is $5.00 each
Buzz is a lovable little Hamster. He is not much trouble and is playful. Buzz was abandoned by his owner....
What my friends at OHS say about me: Hamsters are adorable, but we are little! Please handle us with care! Food specifically for Hamsters, occasional fresh fruit and veggies and fresh water are the key things to keep me healthy! Hamsters are nocturnal! My favorite thing is snoozin'! Give me time to fully wake up before we hang out. A solid bottom cage with soft bedding, a wheel for me to run on...
Free hamster cage or can be used for other small animal. Includes water bottle, feeding dish and hideout for animal. Call me to arrange pick up.Thanks
Syrian hamster male over 1 year old. Rehome a hamster comes with house with water a cage bedding and food
On Sun June 16 10:00:11 PDT 2019 49187 was available. For current animal profile, pictures and videos please visit http://petportal.oaklandanimalservices.org/myapp/publicAnimalProfile/show/36920 All animals are listed as spayed/neutered, even if they currently are not, since they will be fixed before leaving the shelter. To adopt: Adopters are encouraged to bring all the human members of their ...
Habitrail hamster cage with additions. Can be rearranged as desired. Three large living quarters with play set, wheel, and castle in each. 5 smaller bubbles good for food dispensing, etc, including larger one that works as a carrier with a handle. Extra wheel addition on end as well. Also including hamster ball, hamster wheel car, and small cage. Over $200 retail price.
Deluxe double hamster cage, mostly put together, could use a little DIY care. Includes additional hamster tubes, water bottles, wheel, etc. Hinges on top green containers broken, but usable. Asking $27.
Brand new never used hamster cage, includes house shaped cage, water bottle, food bowl, hamster wheel, shelves, ramps and toys, all brand new.
80$ value in the store.Only used 1 MONTH. Still in LIKE NEW condition ..comes with original box and 2 packs of 20$ *each* bedding water bottle food tray and a bit of food. Everything you need except the small hamster????