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Three burner natural gas grill. Works great minus the igniter. Sometimes it's easier to use a lighter to get it going. Once lit, works perfectly. Comes with cover.
11 years old - smallest size gas grill, similar in size to the current Weber Q; has been in storage for the past 6+ years. I'm not positive it works, but it did the last time I used it!
Older gas grill. Sitting in the front yard. First come, first served.
Brinkmanship gas grill. Needs some cleaning but works good for grilling. Plenty of space for food. Has an upper shelf.
Weber gas grill. Connects through provided value to a small LP tank (tank not included). Has been in storage and needs significant cleaning but works well. Pickup will be in Crozet center.
Thu, Jun 17 - Sat, Jun 19... Small furniture items, kitchen items, women's clothing, lamps, pictures, barstools, gas grill, home decor, writers desk
This is an old non-working natural gas grill. No photos available.
Well loved Weber gas grill and tank. Everything works except autoignite. Got new grill for Father's Day!
2 burner gas grill. Can be used with regular propane tanks & has adaptor for 1lb cans. Workes well Needs some cleaning
Kenmore Elite Gas Grill. Sturdy grill with lots of space for some awesome eats. We upgraded to a pellet smoker and just don't have the room. Grill does work it just may need tp unplug the gas orifices or replacing a regulator.
Charbroil gas 2-burner gas grill. 12 years old. The drip pan and flame guard are substantially rusted, but if you are handy and know how to replace them, the grill is perfectly useable. Uses regular size propane tank (tank not included, but tanks are available at Agway, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.)
Stainless steel grill fell over in a windstorm. The gas valves behind the knobs broke and no longer works. May be able to be fixed or for scrap.
Two burner portable gas grill bother burners working. Wonderful to transport to camping and trips.
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