I have 2 of these. It is filterless, but has a built in LED light. Solid glass. It was a great starter tank for our Betta. PPU in Gallatin by Vol State.
Over $450 in accessories, 50 gal tank, pump, heater, and the fish! It s a beautiful set up!! My son thought it was a good idea to get this but works too much and I don t have time to take care of Only x4 mths old $225.00 for Everything!! Please bring a pail for the fish, selling all together!! Can t deliver but will help pack it all up!! 587-216-1242 Thx

Fish Tank

Smallish fish tank, 1.8 gallon. Perfect condition and freshly cleaned and ready to go. This has been a great home for our Betta and his few Guppy friends. But sadly my cat has started drinking from the fountain, which is apparently bad for it, so fish have had to be relocated to a closed tank. This has always been a great little compact tank, that has been very easy to manage.
Large 70 gallon corner tank, curved front Fluval aquarium. Excellent condition, very clean and ready to go.
Big one is about a foot tall Smaller ones are maybe half a foot or just under $10 for the big one $5 each for the small ones

Fish Tank

Good condition and clean Strong wooden stand included New Sponge Filter with tubing $15 extra
Black wooden stand that holds an average size fish tank. We added a shelf inside. Bought it for $140 a couple of years ago. Front porch pick up.
$600 OBO FISH ARE INCLUDED This comes with the 90 Gallon Tank, all the decor included in the tank, UV Sterilizer, Filter, Power Head, Lights, the stand the tank is on, water conditioner, test strips, food, automatic food feeder YOU MUST LIFT TANK YOURSELF - BRING HELP SINCE ITS VERY HEAVY Tank can be drained for transport
Tank, gravel rocks, tree, net, heater, water conditioner, food (2 full containers & one packet that s been opened), bloodworm treats & the container to hold it all.

Fish tank

Fish tank with heater and filter with replacement pads.
Any size 10 Gal. And Up, but will need to hold water.
This tank is made will all 3/4 inch acrylic its a black bottom and black back the tank is 84" L - 24" H - 36" deep the tank is 2.5 years old , seams are all good all the edges are polished and rounded on the corners , there are no scratches . There is one large fish that comes with it Thank is running with 2 FX 6 filters but there is a third FX 6 that comes with it theres 2-300 watt heaters wit...
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