56 Tropical Fish Hobbyist fish magazines 01 Jan thru June, August.02 Jan thru Dec.03 Jan thru Dec.04 Jan thru Dec.05 Jan thru Dec.I will be selling years of my entire collection of these magazines by year published over the coming months.These are too heavy to ship even via media mail so pickup is easier. You will have the opportunity to buy other years when you pick them up.Friendly request, p...
10 gallon fish tanks available with hood, heater, sponge filter, air pump airline fittings included. $75Also have a few spare 33 gallon tanks if interested. Tank only, at least 2 units available $100 eachNo Angelfish in right now as we ARE SOLD OUT at the current moment, however we do have some pairs that are proving out now and will hopefully be having availability within the next 2-3 months o...
DR. BURGESSS ATLAS of Marine Aquarium Fishes 2nd Edition 1988, 1990By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker IIIT.F.H. Publications, Inc. 4,000 PhotosSearch Aquariums, Reef, Marine, Handbook, Salt Water, Coral, Tropical Fish, Fish, books,
I have two beautiful an aquarium fish for sale. It is fresh water 8 Tiger Oscar large size fish, My aquarium already to small for them. 20g they needs a new home, look at them, they are looking for a new owner, new large size tank $45 each, 80 for two
Very nice total of 4 Aquarium Reef Salt Water books. These were expensive when bought new and are in like new condition. Nice books if you are into the hobby of keeping corals and salt water tanks. $35 for all 4 of them. Pick up in Willow Grove or North East Philly Airport.
This tank is all set to go Its 10 gallons with fish, clean and healthy. Its a full set up ready to go and still running. Drain some of the water, move it add the water back easy and set. First Come first serve its ready to go Put a bow on it and makes a great Holiday Gift.
Lots of top quality and unique coral frags available. Specializing in easy to grow and bright colored corals for the beginner and experienced hobbyists alike. Contact us , located in Vandenberg village. Fb.comrbtropicalfish
Includes everything two double filters some live plants stand fish heater lughts.Thank you for looking and have a very Merry Christmas. Serious buyers only please
The both are in prime condition and have been very well taken care of. Im upgrading and have no need for these and dont want my daughter too accidentally brake them. First one is LED and can be hung up on the ceiling. I used it for my 80 gallon and was perfectSecond one has 3 settings. Regular, black lights, and LED moon lights with adjustable setting. Both are worth $100 ea. Im willing to meet...
As noted. Glass aquarium Metal stand capable of holding a twenty Whisper filter and pump Tubing Rocks, Heater Food Chemicals Lighted hood Everything need except fish for a set up
Large 80 gallon corner aquarium. move to a new house and I do not have any corners in the main rooms. as a result, I will be getting a new tank that does work for my layout and selling this one. Comes with tank, base, top cover, light, filter, heater and deco. I have additional deco and supplies if you need it. just let me know.
I am offering several aquarium fish for sale - Honey sunset thick lipped Gourami- $5- Sunburst platy- $1 Sold- Gold panda molly- $1 Sold- Serpae Red Minor Tetra- $2 - Black skirt tetra- $2- Fancy Male Guppies- $3 each please bring your own container for pickup. Text me and I will give you my address for pickup tell me what fish you want to buy, how many, and when you are going to pick them up
used hardbound book in poor to fair condition. massive book loaded with tons of color images of tropical aquarium fish. it is damaged, the bottom became wet somehow so most of the lower couple of inches of the pages show waves in the paper and many are stuck but the few I tried to separate did so easily and without damage to either stuck page. nothing funky about the damage either so it must ha...
FREE 10 Convict Cichlids and 4 Long Finned Black Skirt Tetras. All fish healthy and get along, kept together over a year. Tetras all 2, Convict Cichlids range from 2.75-5.5. Looking to re-home them all, willing to meet in Seaford, Laurel, Delmar or Salisbury. Serious Inquiry only, these fish need a minimum of about a 30gal aquarium.Mating Pair within Convicts, just spawned their first fry. Mix ...
Used, needs a bit of cleaning. Comes with glass cover Bottom black strips are a bit loose Pick up only Size 48x18x24 $175 or best offer
This is a mix of everything.... -Freshwater test kit USED -3 Step Aquarium maintenance (we use a different brand now) USED -7 day Food Block NEW -2 Plastic Plants (been replaced with new ones, please boil before use in your tank) USED -Chemicals for disease. All used except one of the ICH products (we cannot use in our tank EVER because we have Clown Loaches) $10 for all of it!
No water needed 24 in wide 12 in deep 17 in high one of a kind hand crafted in Freeport Il fish aquarium with fish,shells ,and seaweed done in stained glass. Christmas special cash and carry.freeport area