Many aquarium sizes and equipment. Aquarium stands also. Come take your pick or take them all.
I am giving away an Aqueon Bow Tank Black 48x18x22 72 Gallon. It is leading slightly from the bottom. Can be used for something non-aquatic or possibly repaired.
AQUARIUM 55 gallon honey brown color all wood, wood pedestal, all accessories, heater, lights, scenery, imported porcelain ornaments, foliage and more. $125.00
10 gallon. Included pump.
38 gallon aquarium 12x36x20 with a sturdy wood stand. I have used it and I never had any problems with it.
black and gray metal tool
Good condition includes Rocks pump and filter covers and light
Fish or turtle aquarium
black and white glass top table
black wooden framed glass fish tank Selling a 55-gallon Aquarium tank setup with matching stand in black color. Comes with hood, light, d cor and gravel. Price $250. Only used for about 8 months..
Lighted stand
40 Gallon Aquarium Full Setup / no fish
black framed clear glass fish tank This is a 46 gallon bowfront aquarium. This is a truely great deal too. You get the tank, the oak stand, the background with pictures on both sides, a 300 watt heater, a whisper power filter, brand new glass tops, and a brand new led light bar. Message me for more details.
-75 Gallon Marineland Tank/Stand combo -Current USA Dual IC Pro Reef lighting -MarineDepot OF-300 Overflow Box -Trigger Emerald 26 Sump -Marineland 200 watt heater + Marineland 50 Watt Heater -AquaMaxx Magnus VSG-6000 DC Adjustable return pump -Hydor smartwave controller + 2 1400gph wavemakers -20 Gallon quarantine tank with heater, HOB filter, Thermometer, and lighting -50lbs of Live Rock LIVE...
Deep blue heater ipx8 150 watt heater $10 Top fin 60 gal water filter. $20 Jebo 828 canister filter. Filters approx 317 gph. Comes with 100w jebo in-line water heater! $60 Fluval 206 canister filter. Filters approx. 207 gph. Fresh or salt water aquariums. $50 Asm protein skimmer! Skims up to 150 gallons! Needs a water pump! $60 40 gallon Glass aquarium. Some scratches and no leaks! $30 36.5x17....
Missing box. But all the accessories are in still in original packaging, sealed! Comes with Low Profile Full LED Hood, Filter, Submersible Heater, Premium food, Water Conditioner, Set Up and Care Guide, Net and thermometer, it even comes with a few coupons inside. Aquarium is in Mint condition Never used stored safely. Selling for $105, bought for $139.99+tax
Gave away my female betta. Don't need the betta tank anymore. If you want something easy to take care of buy yourself a betta and you could have my tank for cheap.
20 gallon Aquarium stand , box has never been open , didn t need it
A 1.5 gallon aquarium with light and filter. Small zen sculpture and fake plants. Rocks. No fish included. Beta food and water conditioning included.
55 gallon aquarium with no leaks. Stand and canopy were handmade. I upgraded to a much larger aquarium and no longer need. Back glass is plasti-dipped black (can be peeled off). Missing a handle, just grab another at lowes.
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