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Beta tank with rocks used twice rocks are easy to clean
Perfect for goldfish. I had my goldfish in this set up for years but they got so big I moved them to a 10 gallon tank. 5 Gallon tank, gravel, filter, bubbler, net, more.
Has heater, filtration system, 2 fake plants, air pump along with air rock and air tubing. Also has cover along with light as well.
Top Fin Dazzle Aquarium 5-gallon tank with hood Features: Custom Colorflow with 7 color-changing LED lights and Hydro Change technology to change water quickly and easily without mess. Will include the heater which was around $20. Measurements: 16" L x 8.58" W x 11.2" H Pick up in Douglas Park. No delivery.
5 gallon fish tank in good quality besides two small chips on the roof of the tank Includes Filter 5 gallon tank Heater And rock accessory
125 gallon tested and pressurized. Air tight lid. Has vent fittings for road use. Fits in the bed of fullsize trucks.
5 gallon tank, small heater, filter (for 15 gallon tank) led light bar , glass cleaner, rock and aquarium soil mixture, and few pieces of driftwood * not all these items are for this tank specifically * we are moving and I just have all the miscellaneous items left I need to get rid of !
Selling my 3.5G tank. Comes with extra filter cartridges. Plants/Shrimp/Snails not included. Has colour changing LED lights and filter. Heater included as well. Works great we are just upsizing.
Comes with two healthy beautiful fish,one is a female betta the other one is a male swordtail,both get along.Also comes with plants gravel and a heater.
Guc comes with a divider if you want to use it as 2 betta tanks or don t use the divider and use it as 1 tank. Comes with led lights and submersible heater and filter. All you need is gravel and fish lol
Free 5 gallon fish tank - Includes tank, filter & cartidges, decorative rocks & plants, and goldfish food
1.5 gallon fish tank.Includes: Small Whisper brand filter, small air pump, led light, mini air stone with "new" air tubing, small fish net, ceramic fish hide, and four "new" small Tetra filter cartridges.Tank measures 7.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide.Items are clean and in good working condition.Ideal for Beta fish or other small fish.$20.00 OBO
Comes with filter, decor, rocks, heater, lid and lid! Asking $30! Everything s in great condition!
5 gallon topfin tank. Not sure if the motor works. Includes accessories rock sculpture,plastic plant,some food.
5 Gallon dry sump tank with brackets and oil filter $350. SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84119 Show phone number
The fish tank is whole, and the filter works well. The back of the tank has a coral reef sheet attached with tape, is easy to take off. 2 new filter cartridges are included, as well as instructions. $35.00 for all, obo.
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