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I need several folding tables. I can use the smaller 3 foot length ones or I can use the larger 4 or 6 foot long ones.
Looking for small eating table with 2 matching chairs for my small kitchen area. Thank you Martha
My daughter just had a baby and does not have a changing table. If anyone has one they are no longer using, I would love to pick it up for her to have.
Looking for glass top patio table with umbrella hole in center. Thank you.
In need of a small side table to put next to recliner. Small table or TV tray will do.
looking for an outdoor table if anyone needs one taken off their hands, thanks!
Je cherche des chaises en plastique qui s'ouvre et se ferme pour un balcon avec une table. Merci
I am looking to see if anyone has a sewing or craft table to give away. I am looking for the kind that can be folded back, similar to the pics but need not be exactly the same. I have very little space at home and not having a space for me to cut fabric is keeping me away from my favorite hobby. Thanks in advance!
Wish: this is a Longshot, but thought I'd ask here first looking for a space saving dining table like this in the pictures I've attached. Exact size/color doesn't matter. Thanks!!
Hello. I am looking for a high table please and thank you.
I would love a dog grooming table - can pick up
I need a card table to augment my serving surface for a backyard party this weekend. Would love to find one! (I'd also rather borrow than take, if you want it back.)
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had an old card table they aren't using anymore. I'm trying to find a solution to having cats and wanting to work on a puzzle with my family. Needless to say we lose pieces if the room isn't locked or something is covering it. Thanks!
Looking for a sturdy picnic table without or with benches. Looks are not important. Thanks
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