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need unlocked, working, samsung galaxy s6 for use on assuriance network thank you
Need: Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20FE, without issues, signs of use are ok, looking for a deal 6700K maybe other 1151 quad cores, looking to pay $150. Short single fan GTX1060 or AMD RX 460, depends on price My heatware is 200+ all positive.
I got my mom a phone and she threw the box away. It's having problems and the only way the carrier will take it back is if it's in the box. So now I need to find JUST the box for a Samsung Galaxy A12. I can pick up anywhere in Tucson or surrounding areas.
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I'm trying to return back to school but not having a reliable Sprint (has to be sprint) phone or working laptop has hindered me. I'm blind in both eyes (central vision only) and need the simplicity of iPhone (because I'm used to my iPhone 6and they have great accessibility features for me but I'm not opposed to Samsung galaxy s8-newer) and need a laptop that I can touchscreen zoom on. Nothing f...
Hello Trash Nothing! I am In Great Need Of A Cell Phone. My old Samsung Galaxy S7 -GSM from T-Mobile is failing, and I am having a hard time just attempting to turn it on, and my battery keeps dying. I am currently unemployed, and looking for work. If anyone has an old phone and can help me with a Samsung Galaxy S8 android GSM phone, or even an iPhone S8 GSM, or any other phone, that would be g...
I dropped my 5 years old, Samsung Galaxy Note8, and now is acting out. :-( Is there anyone who has a more modern Samsung used phone, collecting dust, that is willing to give it away? I don't want to invest the money that the phone companies are charging me for a new one. I will really appreciate your generosity and Mother Earth too. :-) Thanks so much!!
Have you upgraded your cellphone, and the old phone is just sitting around collecting dust? I am in need, of a working us cellular phone. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S5, Thank you!
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Had my identity stolen and now I can only get phone service with one carrier but they will only accept three kinds of phones which have to be unlocked i am happy to trade something in return pleas if you can help let me know and thank you Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 or Higher Apple Iphone 7 or highee Google Pixel
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