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Hi! I'm looking for a video projector that you can plug your computer into to show movies in a big outdoor screen- ideally with speakers! Thank you!
Looking for a projector screen with a stand in good condition. Pick up is flexible. If you have one gathering dust in the basement, I would love to give it a new home! Thank you for your consideration
Does anyone have one of these they no longer need or use? I have boxes of slides of the childhood of my daughters and would love to be able to revisit those times. Thank you.
Looking to see if anybody has a set of the black projector headlights for my 2017. I m thinking of replacing my black quads with the projectors. Seeing if anybody has a set available.
My 81 year old mom has boxes of slides and negatives from our childhood. I would love to digitize them. It would be fun to watch on a screen/wall with her!!
Wondering if anyone has an old projector screen they aren't using. Looking to start having outdoor movie nights. Thanks!
Looking for a movie projector for camp outs in the backyard, thank you
Hi! Looking for a projector that has a connection for HDMI. If you have one collecting dust, please let me know. Thank you
I am searching for a working 8 mm home use home movie projector to use with boxes of old home movies my dad took for years to have hopefully by Father's Day as a surprise treat for my dad, now 81 and my mother, turning 79 on May 10th to show loads of old home movies to their grandchildren who have never seen ANY of these old (probably now hysterical looking back on them) from my brother and mys...
In search of an overhead projector. Please and thank you.
Wanted: slide projector. We have new family slides and would love to see them. Thanks!
I m looking for a 8mm projector so I can play old family films
Looking for a digital projector with an hdmi port for an upcoming art exhibit . Would greatly appreciate & pick up promptly at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much & have a wonderful Memorial weekend .
In search of a Carousel Slide Projector and Large Bird Cage.
Looking for a slide projector and/or individual slide viewer to have or borrow. Thanks.
I'm looking to obtain or borrow a slide projector or viewer to sort some old slides
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