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Anyone have one of these for a late model Spider? 1991. Mines gone missing. It's the rubber/plastic trim ring that goes around ignition switch. PM me if you have one to sell. I've seens some on ebay for $26 - Hmm. Seems steep Thanks! Or if anyone know the part number that would help too.
My customer wants to buy a factory ignition switch lock cylinder for His 1968 van. It also fits a 68-70 sedan or Type 3 _________________
Hi the Ignition control; module part no 014 545 43 32 has packed up on my 94 E500, so need replacement, can anyone assist ? phoned Mercedes and you can get new ones but they are massively expensive, i have found some on Ebay but just worried...
Wanted key for 1917 Cadillac sergeant ignition and light switch # 42. Thank you. Kevin Roth
I am looking for an igniter & coil assembly for a 1989 FJ62 with a 3E-E engine. The Toyota part number is 89620-22420,
I am looking for an igniter & coil assembly for a 1989 FJ62 with a 3E-E engine. The Toyota part number is 89620-22420,
This might be a stretch but does anyone happen to have a spare ignition bezel/ring? It s the little plastic piece that screws onto the front of the ignition.
I m needing a PCM for 99 or 2000 4wd/4.0 V6 with matching Key and ignition Tumbler! I would also like the door locks that match the key but not as important as ignition key and tumbler that match the PCM
Hello, I'm looking for a 60's style SPERRWOLF SHIFTER LOCK with the IGNITION WIRING. I've seen a lot of these that don't have the wiring inside. Thats basically the key component for me. I don't mind if its beat up or missing some of the locking components, because I know a guy who can do the repairs for me. He doesnt have any ignition wiring components though. thanks!
WTB Ignition Switch Pigtail I'm looking for an ignition switch pigtail for a 1964 chevelle non post car. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Milwaukee State: WI Displayed Email: Phone: 262-388-3520
Ignition Switch Mounting Strap/Bracket I'm looking for the ignition switch mounting strap/bracket for my 68 Chevelle. Thank you. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Tacoma State: Washington Displayed Email:
1968 Chevelle dash Switches ignition, headlight, and wiper I've had good luck tracking down parts on the forum. I'm switching from a custom dash with aftermarket billet switches to a more factory look. I'm looking for the headlight, wiper, and ignition switch preferably with key and nice bezels. Thank you in advance. If you have an entire malibu dash you want to sell and not part out, I may con...
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Hi Everyone, I am getting my rear shocks done on my 2003 Gixxer. Also I need an Ignition Barrel. Needing these spare parts that someone might have. I live in Sydney, Australia, but will pay for postage from anywhere. Can anyone let me now if you have these parts or know where I might be able to get them from? Thanks Kat
Looking for a HAYES/Berg Stinger S1 Ignition group/ignition box. S1s (and S4s) were manufactured/marketed by Bill Hayes of Hayes Clutches in the early/mid 1980s. Known as Hayes Stinger Ignition system. MSD brought their products into the marketplace and Hayes Stinger quickly disappeared. GBE sold the complete S1 kit at the time. Would like it to be complete (box/distributor/coil/ceramic) as sol...
Looking for an excellent set or two of ice pics handles and ignition switches , prefer w/matching keys, OG or NOS only. not interested in repops at the momment. Also need a great set of snow flake tail lights/housing, etc. and a set of bullet front lights. _________________ I have many other parts avail. Email with specifics of the items your looking for. If you want an item but can't afford it...
Hello.. For my 1958 PGSG Standard Micro I am looking for original Pressed Bumpers! OG paint would be a miracle but I ll take what I can get! *Anything original pgsg is needed; rims, all interior, ash tray, radio block off, cargo doors, 58 Speedo, 58 ignition switch, og safari wiper shaft. Thank you! This bus means a lot to me and I want to preserve it the best I can. Cash paid or trade for 1950...
Looking for a VATS blank ignition key for a 95 Eldorado... Code 13. Seems to be very rare.
I know it isn't a chainsaw, but do y'all know if all 309s had the same ignition coil?
Search an engine 85cc bnib or in excellent condition. 100cc is an option. I want complete with stand off , muffler , ignition etc... A fair price for a fair engine Thanks
I'm going to leaf port? lawn port? yard port? this 265L because nobody should wear a backpack blower that is outperformed by a bottom of the line hand held. The way I figure it, to modify a blower it is best to start with a model that has a narrowing nozzle tip, because that will be the first part to go. Once that is gone, the tube diameter becomes larger allowing more volume to flow. This redu...
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Hello, I am looking for the sunroof or moonroof sliding panel (the one that you manually slide using your hands from inside).The clothes on mine is messed up and prevents me from sliding in and out. This is for a C230 Kompressor Year 2000. Either used or new, as long as it is in good clean condition. I've entered a max year of 2004, just to have replies but I realy don't know if a sunroof panel...
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Want to go to the newer style ignition coils on my m54b30 I'm looking for the newer type ignition coil harness with or without the ignition coils. Also the newer style valve cover that takes the newer coils. PM me if you have those things. Thank you
That or a pair of gen 3 valve covers and matching ignition coils ? lmk guys thanks
On hand are the parts to build either a super strong street engine or an all out drag engine. your cam and head choice will be the determining factor. Starting with an ALL type IV main SCAT flanged crank in a fully prepped type 1 case, H beam rods, Weisco or Mahle pistons, Superflow or CB wedge port heads, cam choice for intended use, etc... Ignition options, vac pump options, header options, c...
Horn Brackets Need the 2 brackets that hold the horns on a 64 Chevelle Asking Price: Best Offer City: Orlando State: FL Displayed Email:
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