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Need a super long hose for backyard and porch clean up.
Looking for the plastic 3 way vacuum hose fitting that attaches to the bottom of the throttle body boot and has two vacuum lines running off it -- one to the back of the cylinder head and the other to the idle boost valves. The line running to the idle boost valves originates as a single line at this fitting and then splits into two lines just before it reaches the black and white idle boost va...
needed hose and attachments for a small steamer. i have unit but need the accessories. thank you,
My short hose is beyond repair! Maybe a 6-10 .
I need a short garden hose with working metal fillings.
Hi, I'm looking for OEM intercooler hose that connects blow-off valve to upper intercooler pipe. Part number is MR571608. Please PM is you have one. Thanks
My hose at the community garden has burst and I need to replace ASAP. If anyone has one they no longer need ... Thx for considering, Bob
I am looking for a sprayer that you attach to your hose and can use to spray liquid fertilizer. I would appreciate if you have one, that you are no longer using. Thank you.
A hose for an older Knmore or Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner would be most appreciated if you have one not being used. Thanks.
Need a regular, not expandable, garden hose.
Looking for garden hoses, do you have any you no longer need? Thank you, Kathy
Hi there. I'm in need of a vacuum cleaner hose from a Kenmore or Panasonic canister vacuum. Thank you.
Interested in anyone who might have some old garden tools on hand that they are ready to part with. Renting a home short term but trying to beautify things a bit. Please let me know if you have any hand garden tools, or shovels or rakes, an old (but working hose) or pots. Thanks! will pick up
I am looking for a heat steamer to kill Bedbug s. If you have one it would be appreciated...
Replacing a leaking garden hose? Looking for heavy or medium duty garden hose, we don't care if it leaks or has a hole in it, we don't care about color, any length 6 feet or more. Not looking for lightweight or flexible types, not soaker hoses, just a length of old-fashioned garden hose to keep out of the landfill. Thank you.
I am in need of a garden hose. Mine sprung a lead and taping it doesn't work. thank you.
I'm a senior lady looking for a garden hose in good condition (No Leaks). I live in an apartment, tired of taking jugs of water up and downs stairs to water my flowers outside. If anyone has one they can spare,please let me know. Thank you
Hello, In search of an extension cord to use with a lawnmower and garden hose.
I need a garden hose or washing machine drain hose with female ends, any length will do. thanks. Need it to drain my dehumidifier.
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