YAMAHA UX3, 52" "X" SERIES $6,200(Houston, TX)

The X series is over the top in quality. These pianos are restored to specs by the restoration factory in Japan. The date ranges go from 1985 up. The X series tops out when it was new at c. $18,000 +/-. If you want the best they will be difficult to find but worth every penny. The radial back post array gives grand piano stability, high quality in tuning and key action is a dream. Accuracy in playing is profound and if you happen to have one, most people will never sell it. I have tried to keep an X series in my residence, but my customers will harass me until I give in and sell it to them. I have stopped trying...I have a Yamaha C5, 6'6"at this point. Life is less stressful that way! Call or email for a quote: 979-292-8268 keyarts@att.net