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Worm Castings Tampa It takes Years to build true Worm Castings,not a month. Our Worm Castings take 5 years. It is critical what is used in the process. No GMO GRAINS,NO NEWS PAPER,NO SOURCE THAT HAS Pesticides,Herbicides,or fungicide. NO MANURE FROM ANY SOURCE THAT USE ANY COMMERCIAL FEED,NO HORSE STABLE MANURE ,FOR THEY USE MEDICATION IN WORMING THE HORSES,(WITH ALMOST 99% DO). 5 Gallon Buckets approx 35 lbs ,We put in Burlap Bags when you buy. $20.00 Our Address is 12212 Morris Bridge Rd Tampa Florida 33637. Look for us at I 75 Exit 266 Tampa If you compost with contaminated material toxins build up. Grains ,Lawn clippings,vegetable mater from commercial growing operations or Lawns carry excessive amounts of Pesticides,Herbicides which in turn kill the composting Worms Contaminated Worm Castings. Toxins might be lurking in that Worm Castings you’re about to buy? The NOP initially proposed setting a strict upper limit for bifenthrin levels in Worm Castings but abandoned the idea when wider tests revealed that many brands of commercial Worm Castings wouldn’t pass. We compost material that has not been exposed to pesticides,herbicides,fertilizers,growth Hormones,and animal medications . Compost from Florida Worm Farm. What we do not Compost. Grains main concern (Corn ,Soil Beans) from feeds that are GMO. Almost 100% of all corn and soy bean feed is GMO. Roundup, GMOs linked to emergence of deadly new pathogen causing spontaneous abortions among animals.Manures from Grain feed animals. Rabbits,Cows,Chickens,Pigs and Horses .We find that manure from large dairy farms could have antibiotics or growth hormones. Scientists are also concerned about the environmental impacts of hormone residues in cow manure Cardboard, Great Dangers.It turns out a lot of chemicals are used to manufacture the boxes, from treating the wood pulp, to gluing the paper, and dyeing & bleaching the cardboard. And my “bad” chemical, sulfur, is used in the process. In fact several classes of sulfur are employed in the process. Many of these toxins transfer up thru the plant we consume. http://hongkongwillie.blogspot.com/…/compost-compost-tampa.… Most Animal feeds have dangerous additives . http://articles.latimes.com/2009/oct/31/business/fi-feed31 Despite opposition from scientists, farmers and consumers, the US currently allows dairy cows to be injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST). Developed and manufactured by the Monsanto Corporation, this genetically engineered hormone forces cows to artificially increase milk production by 10 to 15 percent. http://www.sustainabletable.org/issues/rbgh/ http://hongkongwilliesart.blogspot.com/2011/10/compost-tampacompost-for-sale-tampa.html Worm Compost Dirt,Worm Castings Tampa What goes in comes out. Compost material that has not been exposed to pesticides,herbicides,fertilizers,growth Hormones,and animal medications is seldom considered. Here is a Helpful link in what to consider composting. Grains that are genetically design for the crop to be sprayed with Roundup and used in Vermicomposting have serious effects on the worms.(Scientists reveal negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops. The greater Percentages of soy beans and corn crops use this chemical. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/028347_GM_crops_Roundup.html#ixzz1b3zweRGt . http://templeterrace.patch.com/articles/business-profile-the-story-behind-the-eye-catching-art-at-i-75-exit Google Hong Kong Willie