TRADITIONAL Catholic/Christian Vow Renewal Ceremony-$199 Donation. (Sacramento, CA)

RENEW YOUR CATHOLIC WEDDING VOWS. LOVES most symbolic ceremony is being rejuvenated every day by Calistoga Christian Center Church. We are offering married Catholic/Christian Pinoys the opportunity to their wedding vows. NEW! CATHOLIC VOW RENEWAL PACKAGE:$250 1. Traditional Christian Vow Renewal Ceremony. 2. Clergy to your venue. 3. Church Vow Renewal Certificate. 4. Bottle of Sparkling Martinelli's Call: PADRE BURGOS(916) 834-1496 Couples must be of CATHOLIC or CHRISTIAN FAITH and have been married a least 10+ years (proof required)* Ceremonies performed by real clergy. Calistoga Christian Center Church 3104 "O" Street, Suite 278 Sacramento, CA. 95816 Attn: Vow Renewal give Date