Three young cats needing a loving home(Bushnell, FL)

​I have three young male cats (in picture order: Phil, Dil, & Chuckie)​. They have not been neutered. I need to find someone who can take them. They are very sweet and loving cats.I have a puppy and I had hoped when I brought the cats home she would be good with them and she is... but she thinks that they are toys and I am scared she is going to really hurt or even accidentally kill them. When I am not home they are confined to one room for their safety and that is just no life for them to live. It is with a heavy heart that I post this because I do love them and wish I could keep them but I just can not. I really want them to be loved and cared for better than what I can give them right now. Two are from the same litter and the 3rd has grown up with them. I'd really like them to stay together if possible.They have only ever been inside cats. They do have fleas for I am unable to afford to take them to the vet.