Shabby Chic Burlap Art $130(Tampa, FL)

Hongkongwillie Art Shabby Chic Burlap Art,on Vintage Silk Screen Frame.Hongkongwillie Art Shabby Chic $130 — Tampa, Florida Famous Artist LIFE Born for the Art World. A STORY WITH A MEANING OF BIRTH Hongkongwillie Famous Artist was once told to keep telling the story and they will keep coming,and they always do."Every piece of art that is made, and every project we do is done for a reason. It doesn't matter if that reason shows up the next day, or walks in six years later; every piece of art will find a home." Famed, by the humble statements from the Key West Citizen, viable art from reuse has found its time. Hongkongwillie Art $130.00— Each We have several Different selections. . This is a Hongkongwillie Exclusive for Christmas 2015