Professional Massage therapist (Birmingham, AL)

Healing Hands is a private massage studio specializing in quality massages in a comfortable setting designed to make you feel at ease. I would love to be your personal massage specialist. Now is the time to invest in yourself with total body care. So many people come in for massage and aren't aware that they can customize their massages. Do you have special needs that affect your massage? During the consultation feel free to share the ways that massage can meet your specific needs. As your needs change, so can the massage. I love to hear about what you consider to be a great massage. Feel free to share what you don't like as well because the best massage you will ever have is one where your needs are met. So many changes have taken place over the year and there are many changes yet to come. Do you have suggestions about how your massage could be better? Is there a massage that you have heard about and want to try? I would love for your thoughts to become part of the changes. I am adding new services all the time. I will work with you to create a personalized and comprehensive plan that will address your needs. I have added hot stone massage to help relax you during the cold months. To make payment more convenient you can now use pop money or pay pal from your smart phone (use the email kimberlydmobley@bellsouth,net) . Do you need a payment plan to help make massage more affordable? During your consultations feel free to select a package that will fit your budget. Healing Hands is open 7 days a week ( 9:00 a.m - 9:30 p.m.), Feel free to call Kimberly at (205) 532-0300 for a same day appointment. The earlier you call (or text) the more likely you will get the time just right for you. Healing Hands is now offering Specialty massages for only $2.00/minute. While most of the massages remain $1.00 a minute, you can take massage to the next level with a Lomi-Lomi or Reiki massage. Have you had a groin injury or a blood flow problem? Try the newest pelvic floor massage. Set up your consultation today to get the massage you have always wanted.