PLAYER PIANOS - GRANDS AND UPRIGHTS - 979.292.8268 $4,400(Houston, TX)

We posted a PLACE HOLDER PRICE APPROXIMATELY $4400 cost of a 52" upright. However, the cost of the player system is about $6000 plus depending your choice of piano....upright or grand. A typical Digital System install in a 52" upright plus the cost of the piano will equal to about $10,000 +/-. Grand pianos will be a higher cost. WE CAN INSTALL THE DIGITAL PIANO SYSTEM IN ANY PIANO OR YOU CAN USE YOUR PIANO. We install player systems in the large uprights and in grand pianos of any make. Call for a conversation about it. We also have USED player pianos as well. PLAYER SYSTEMS HAVE ACCESSORIES that must be explained to customers. 979-292-8268 /