Old 33&1/3 rpm vynal record albums+ $95(Lady Lake, FL)

We have these 7 old vynal 33&1/3 record albums for sale, they date back from the 1930 era to the 1950's, all as new in the original jackets as purchased new my us from Time life over 40 years ago. there is too many to list by name but ALl the songs are by the most famous names like the Dorseys,Goodman and more. Bonus!! you also get 14 of the famous classical records from the best of stars like Al Hirt and many more!! Most all of the above have NEVER BEEN PLAYED!! Also--- The albums have photographic picture books in each one that shows all of the things that happened during those years!! The pictures do not do this collection justice but just too much to show individually. To buy these new would cost several hundred dollars (if you could find them) This collection is heavy could not and would not ship as they are impossible to replace! If you love old music,pictures and stories of the past you cannot pass this up! You must pick these up here in Lady Lake, and sure you can examine them first. Call for an appointment please!