Office Assistant/Social Media Person for Niche Recruitment Firm $16(New York City, NY) Premium

We are a Midtown recruitment firm, in business for more than 35 years. We enjoy a great reputation and name recognition. We're small, total of 8 or so and maintain a casual environment. We require an Associates Degree and excellent communications skills, written included. SOME TASKS: * Replying to E-mails (lots) * Bringing Candidates in to the office (sourcing) * Write effective ads and posts * Find new resources for marketing and promotional purposes * Run errands, IE: bank, post office, buying supplies, etc * Filing and re-organizing office files * Data entry of some sort * Organize events. (Applicant drives ie. Continental Breakfast Mondays, Dunkin Donuts and Coffee) * Receptionist duties, including picking up and redirecting phone calls, welcoming/helping candidates who come in to apply, taking messages. * The occasional handling of Accounts Payable. * Handling our various social media platforms. MUST: * Be familiar with Facebook. * Familiar with Facebook "Business Pages" * Be familiar with LinkedIn * Understand a business LinkedIn page It's impossible to mention all responsibilities and tasks. We are a busy office which caters to a very unique clientele. We need someone smart....not only educated! Someone with ideas. This is an entry level position. We expect to train any new hire. This is definitely a great opportunity for a truly smart guy/gal to work hard and see great rewards. Besides learning about a great industry, there is great opportunity to grow with Greenhouse! Contact: Glenn Resumes to: 212.889.7505