RESTORATION COSTS START AT ABOUT $7000 UP TO $10,000 OR MORE. Call for a quote about your special piano. See pianos that have been restored to new below. These restored pianos are done in our factory with 10 stations and assembly line with 6 craftsmen working on only one piano. You can see the superb workman-ship, down to the smallest detail. We use ivorite which mimics true ivory and natural color. Vintage pianos from 1880 through 1950 are generally chosen. We pickup and deliver through the U.S.A. destinations. Freight is free. Over 4000 pianos have been restored to this date 2016. ************************************ * We Can Cake an Heirloom For You. * ************************************ -KEYARTS PIANO RESTORATION FACTORY- HOUSTON AND U.S.A. DESTINATIONS Yamaha - Kawai - Steinway & more Tuning - Restoration Piano Moving - Re-Finish Call: 979.292.8268 Email: WE SHIP TO ALL U.S.A. DESTINATIONS To your door. See:Inventory at: Standard Tuning from $125 Piano Sales-Restoration: CALL FOR PRICES See: Restoration Samples Below