The MIGHTY US-50 and the numerous models such as the US-55, 75, 65, 63 are the largest uprights and are AWESOME! These pianos are built for POWER for the student, teacher and professional musician. With a huge music desk similar to grand pianos, this piano gives you a HUGE sonic footprint equal to a small grand from 4"11 to 5'3". This is a piano that will be a student dream! In 2016, this type of NEW piano will be over $12,000+. PRICES VARY IN THE US-50 SERIES --Don't you think it is time to get a REAL piano and leave those little dinky spinets and consoles in the dust? You should...and you will never be sorry you did! Warranty and all accessories. Call or email for more information WE SHIP TO ALL U.S.A. DESTINATIONS. 979-292-8268 / keyarts@att.net