KAWAI RX-2CLE, GRAND PIANO 5'10" 2001 $13,200(Houston, TX)

THE RX SERIES IS THE PROFESSIONAL'S PROFESSIONAL PIANO IN THE KAWAI LINES OF GRANDS. If you are a pianist, then you know. If you are a student and dont' know, then this is the one. This RX-2CLE model has just come from the factory (see photos in work). I play 2 pianos at my church, a Yamaha C2, 5'10 and a Kawai RX-2. The Yamaha is superb for the Baroque literature, brilliant and incisive, and the RX is fitted for the Romantic literature like, Brahms, Chopin et al. This instrument is for the ambitious student studying with a fine instructor OR if for casual playing to WOW your guests. The CLE is absolutely my cup of tea when playing the romantics. This is a lifetime piano. Call for more information: 979-292-8268 / keyarts@att.net WE SHIP TO ALL U.S.S DESTINATIONS, DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. WARRANTY 5 YEARS