Homeowner's Guide: Stay Focused On Your Home Project (You Tube) $15(Beverly Hills, CA)

Special Text Slide Show On "You Tube" For U.S. Homeowners Making More Informed Choices About How To Safely Select-Manage-Fire Contractors This very special slide show features running text which introduces the homeowner's guide "Power In The House! M.S.E." in a different way. This is, perhaps, first time an e-book is actually presented in this way on You Tube [without voice narrative]. However, in place of narrative, the slide show is handily accompanied by an exotic instrumental underscore by a surprise international guest recording artist and producer. The design of this unusual slide show entry on You Tube [for the first time!] is to introduce the homeowner’s guide (which is in e-book form) to a different audience of U.S. private home heads as a viable resource for making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, and the best possible results. You Tube Slide Show: https://youtu.be/85Q9b7mVqaE Thank you for investing this time in your personal schedule to review This!