Get Final Expense Insurance Today (El Paso, TX)

You may apply for a NEW state-regulated life insurance program to pay Final Expenses for just pennies a day, REGARDLESS OF YOUR MEDICAL CONDITION, EVEN IF YOU'VE BEEN TURNED DOWN BEFORE. At present, Social Security only pays $255. Call us today at 915-996-9411 or visit us online at to request information on how this special program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by Social Security, up to $25,000 (TAX FREE), for each Texas citizen covered. It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW all the benefits available to you. To receive complete NO-COST information on the newly approved plan, DESIGNED FOR ALL TEXAS CITIZENS, simply give us a call TODAY at 915-996-9411 or go to Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency. Requesting information will be contacting an insurance agent/broker, who is licensed and regulated by your state, and represents multiple carriers offering specialized Final Expense Products.