Filipino: Traditional Catholic Wedding Ceremony-Veil,Cord and Coins Ceremony by Padre Burgos $450(San Jose, CA)

The Filipino's community's BEST TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC WEDDING CEREMONY is performed and blessed by Senior Pastor Tomas "Padre" Burgos of Calistoga Christian Center Church. Voted by filipina brides as the absolute BEST, Traditional Filipino Catholic: Veil, Cord & Coins Wedding Ceremony Clergy from the BAY AREA to BEVERLY HILLS! 1. They're a Traditional Christian Church! 2. They are REAL CLERGY! 3. They travel to your venue anywhere in California* 4. They also speak Spanish & Tagalog (wife) 5. They specialize ONLY in The Traditional Catholic Filipino: Veil, Cord & Coins Wedding Ceremony with Unity Candle or Unity Sand Ceremony 6. They are favorites of Pinay Brides on a budget. 7. Second Marriages are OK! TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC FILIPINO: VEIL, CORD & COINS CEREMONY PACKAGE: 450.00 Donation. A. Traditional Catholic or Christian Ceremony B. They travel to YOUR location* C. Ring Blessing Ceremony. D. Veil, Cord & Coins Wedding Ceremony with Unity Candle Ceremony. E. Official Church Certificate of Marriage . F. Family Blessing. G. Certify and File wedding license. OPTIONAL SERVICES: Rehearsal $99.00 :Church Marriage Letter for Immigration Hearing. 99.00 Calistoga Christian Center Church Attn.:Filipino Wedding Ministry 3104 "O" Street, Suite 278 Sacramento California 95816 See video: