False Arrest Lawyer Bronx (Bronx, NY)

PETER J. SCHAFFER, Attorney at Law devotes his practice to representing victims of false arrest and the use of excessive force by law enforcement and New York and federal criminal defense. Mr. Schaffer uses the knowledge and skills he has developed over the past twenty-nine years of trial work to help his clients achieve the best result in every case he defends. Mr. Schaffer has appeared numerous times on The Nancy Grace Show on CNN Headline News, COURT TV, and In Session on truTV, as an expert commentator in criminal law and trial practice. In addition to his extensive background in State and Federal criminal defense, Mr. Schaffer is a former Assistant Corporation Counsel and has tried numerous civil rights jury trials involving false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force and police misconduct in the State and United States District Courts. If you or a loved one has been the victim of false arrest or the use of excessive force by law enforcement, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and losses. If you or someone you are concerned about has been arrested in New York or for any federal crime or is being investigated by any New York State or federal agency, you need an experienced criminal trial lawyer. Call PETER J. SCHAFFER at (718) 585-4444 to schedule an initial consultation. -False Arrest/ Malicious Prosecution -Excessive Force/Police Brutality -All Federal Criminal Cases -DWI / DUI -Arraignments / Police Lineups -Traffic and Motor Vehicle Infractions and Violations -Probation and Parole Violations and Revocation 184 East 161st Street, Bronx, New York 10451 - (718) 585-4444 http://www.fedcrimlaw.net http://www.bronx-false-arrest-lawyer.com http://www.bronx-police-brutality-lawyer.com http://www.false-arrest-lawyer-bronx.com http://www.police-brutality-lawyer-bronx.com http://www.false-arrest-new-york.com