Ecommerce Adult Toy Website - FUNSEX.US - Items shipped directly from Amazon $250(Los Angeles, CA) Website: FUNSEX.US I am the builder of this site. This is an Amazon affiliated adult sex toy website. It is monitized with Amazon adult toys and sex toy banner ads. It also offers video reviews. Adult Sex Toy Webstore Startup Business This Webstore focuses on selling Adult Sex Toys. All items in the store are automatically populated into the categories from Amazon. This system does not requires stocking of any products. Amazon has both dropship and affiliate options. The payments from your sales come from the Amazon account which must be created upon purchase. I can help speed the process or guide you to set it up yourself. ( ) Upon purchse the buyer will also need a hosting account (Now $3.95 a month on for me to transfer the site to your server. The following steps to complete after purchase: New site owner - Create your Amazon and Hostgator, or other, account. New site owner - Complete payment for the webstore via paypal email invoice that I will send Me - Transfer to your server. New site owner - Change all passwords to secure site and accounts. HOW DO MOST WEBSTORE OWNERS MARKET PRODUCTS? Like all online webstores, it requires online marketing skills for the items to be seen to sell. There are many ways to market your site online. The most popular way is through social networking. Create a post in a social network with a link to a certain product from your store. You can also join forums related to home theater appliances and in those forums you can join a discussion and leave your store link. Also, you can use your email systems signature function to automatically place a link to your store in every email you send. These are just a few ways. To learn more about affiliate webstore marketing use the great information on Youtube and Google. Dont forget to give them thumbs up mark on Youtube.