Bi-Lingual Traditional Mexican,Spanish Catholic Wedding : Velo,Lasso y Arras by Padre Burgos (Stockton, CA)

Mi Corazon es perfecto porque tu ceremonia aetas dentro de el. The Latino community's BEST & HILARIOUS wedding officiant is Senior Pastor Tomas "Padre" Burgos of Calistoga Christian Center Church. Voted BEST Traditional Spanish Catholic: Velo, Lasso Y Arras Wedding Ceremony Clergy from the BAY AREA to BEVERLY HILLS!. 1. They're a Christian Church! that understand all the traditions and customs. 2. They are REAL CLERGY!. 3. They travel to your location anywhere in California* 4. They have all Spanish or Spanglish Ceremonies! 5. They specialize in Traditional Catholic Velo, Lasso & Arras ceremonies with Unity Candle 6. They are the favorites of Brides on a budget. 7. Second Marriages are OK! TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC MEXICAN: VEIL, CORD & COINS CEREMONY PACKAGE: 450.00 Donation to Calistoga Christian Center Church. A. Traditional Catholic/Christian or non denominational ceremony B. They travel to YOUR location* C. Ring Blessing Ceremony. D. Veil, Cord & Coins Wedding Ceremony E. Official Church Certificate of Marriage . F. Family Blessing. G. Certify and File your wedding license. Calistoga Christian Center Church Attn: Mexican Wedding Ministry 3104 "O" Street, Suite 278 Sacramento California 95816 More Photos: Looking for a wedding photographer? We recommend The BEST BUDGET Wedding Photographer: