$500 / 1536ft2 - 2 Rooms for Rent in Quiet, Safe Neighborhood off of 16th Street $500(Yuma, AZ)

I have 2 private bedrooms I would like to rent out for $500 each to responsible, courteous housemate(s). Or, you can rent both of them and have a private bathroom and permanent garage parking spot for $1,000! Plus $60 per month for utilities. My house is about 2 miles away from a Dollar Tree, Food City (awesome affordable grocery store), and d.d.'s Discounts (clothing outlet), and about 3 miles away from the Wal-Mart and Wells Fargo Bank on South Avenue B, so if you like a convenient location for shopping but a quiet, safe neighborhood not directly on the main street, this is a great location! The Palms Mall and IN-N-OUT BURGER (yes, it's as good as everyone says it is) is 15-20 minutes down the road, straight drive down 16th Street. Each bedroom has a closet and a energy-efficient (double-pane--cool!) window. The carpet is clean and new! There is a bathroom with a bathtub/shower shared by both tenants (or just you, if you rent both rooms). New toilet that works great. Small cabinet under sink and a medicine cabinet on wall for storage. There is a nice Electrolux washer/dryer set so you can do laundry. You buy your own detergent. There is a flat top stove and a brand new dishwasher in the kitchen. You even get a couple of cabinets all to yourself! Please don't forget to shut the stove off after you finish cooking. Please wash your own dishes. You buy your own food. THERE *IS* A REFRIGERATOR!! (I know it is not in the picture, but I have a full-size white fridge with freezer now. Clean!). I have 3 cats and a dog. You pretty much have to love animals to live here. Sorry. My dog does not like other dogs. Sorry. My cats also don't like other dogs. Sorry. It takes them a while to like other cats. It's probably best if you don't have a pet of your own. Feel free to pet mine. If you have a cat/rabbit/bird/fish/etc. maybe we can work something out. No arachnids. No giant or poisonous snakes. Cats must be tested for Feline AIDS/Leukemia and test negative before being allowed to come here. Sorry. There is a 2-car garage. One of the spaces is mine. The other one is first come, first served. There isn't much in the way of furniture. For example, I sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. You get to furnish your room. I'm down to Earth and keep to myself. I'm not a complete neat freak, but I do like to avoid living in complete filth. If you're the same way, and aren't some kind of sexual predator nor cruel when it comes to animals, we'll probably get along great. I'm not into drinking, partying, carousing, or really self-destructing in any way, so if you are, I'm probably not the housemate for you. Honestly, if you're a chill person with enough self-respect not to leave filth everywhere and make sure the cats are inside and didn't run out when you opened the door, that would be awesome. Utilities are $60 per month. Hey kids, air conditioning and internet ain't cheap. By the way, we have Wi-Fi. The water in the kitchen is purified by reverse osmosis. Or as I like to say, Sisomso. I rarely say that though. It doesn't usually come up. If you like books, that's really cool. I have a bunch of history and art and design books you can browse through if you like that sort of thing. The house itself and the appliances are pretty nice, but I'm not rich (did you read about how I sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor?). Please realize that if you live here, I am counting on you paying your rent. Any potential candidate must be able to pass a credit and background check. Sex offenders and animal abusers need not apply. Smoking inside the house/illegal drugs are not allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lease is a month-by-month basis.