2007 Chevrolet Equinox 2WD 4dr LT $6,900(Haltom City, TX)

Your AutoCheck Vehicle History ReportReport Run Date: August 29, 2017 6:31:53 PM EDT2007 Chevrolet Equinox LTCalculated Owners: 2Class: CUV - Entry LevelEngine: 3.4L V6 SFICountry of Assembly:CanadaVehicle Age: 10 year(s)Calculated Owners: 2VIN: 2CNDL63F776020500Year: 2007Make: ChevroletModel: Equinox LTStyle/Body: SUV 4DAccident CheckReported accidents: 0State Title Brand and Other Problem CheckYour vehicle checks out:Odometer CheckYour vehicle checks out:Last Reported Odometer Reading: 129,640Vehicle Use and Event CheckSpecific vehicle use(s) or events reportedThis vehicle is AutoCheck Assured™This vehicle does not have any state title brands or other major problems reported.View Detailed History Accident CheckNot all accidents / issues are reported to AutoCheck.Your Vehicle Checks Out: There have been no accidents reported to AutoCheck for this 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT (2CNDL63F776020500). AutoCheck receives its accident data from government sources and independent agencies, and based on the information available to us, we have found that no accidents have been reported on this vehicle. Not all accidents or damage events are reported to AutoCheck. State Title Brand and Other Problem CheckYour Vehicle Checks Out: AutoCheck's database for this 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT (2CNDL63F776020500) shows no negative titles or other problems. When reported to AutoCheck, these events can indicate serious past damage or other significant problems, and disqualifies the vehicle for AutoCheck Assured status. Check the Vehicle Use and Event Check for reported accidents that can affect vehicle safety and value. 0 Problem(s) Reported:15 State Title and Other Problem areas checked:No abandoned recordNo damaged or major damage incident recordNo fire damaged recordNo grey market recordNo hail damage recordNo insurance loss or probable total loss recordNo junk or scrapped recordNo manufacturer buyback or lemon recordNo odometer problem recordNo rebuilt or rebuildable recordNo salvage or salvage auction recordNo water damaged recordNo NHTSA crash test recordNo frame or structural damage recordNo recycling facility recordOdometer CheckYour Vehicle Checks Out: AutoCheck examined the reported odometer readingsreported to AutoCheck for this 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT (2CNDL63F776020500) and no indication of an odometer rollback or tampering was found. AutoCheck uses business rules to determine if reported odometer readings are significantly less than previously reported values. Not all reported odometer readings are used. Title and auction events also report odometer tampering or breakage.0 Problem(s) Reported:MileageDate Reported 508/31/2006 8,41906/07/2007 8,46907/23/2007 48,24707/26/2010 60,07507/21/2011 77,02507/13/2012 86,71207/17/2013 97,53507/26/2014 118,81206/05/2016 129,64006/03/2017 Vehicle Use and Event CheckInformation Reported: AutoCheck shows additional vehicle uses or events reported to AutoCheck for this 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT (2CNDL63F776020500). This includes reported vehicle uses such as rental or lease, and events such as whether the vehicle has been reported to have had a loan/lien or a duplicate title issued. Other events show if the vehicle has a reported accident and how many calculated accidents or if it has been reported stolen or repossessed.1 Event(s) Reported:6 Vehicle uses checked:Fleet, rental and/or lease use record(s)No taxi use recordNo police use recordNo government use recordNo livery use recordNo driver education record2 Event(s) Reported:9 Vehicle events checked:No accident record reported through accident data sourcesNo corrected title recordNo duplicate title recordEmission/safety inspection record(s)Loan/Lien record(s)No fire damage incident recordNo repossessed recordNo theft recordNo storm area registration/title recordDetailed Vehicle HistoryCalculated Owners: 2Below are the historical events for this vehicle listed in chronological order. Any discrepancies will be in bold text.Report Run Date August 29, 2017 6:31:53 PM EDTVehicle: 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LT (2CNDL63F776020500)Event dateLocationOdometer readingData SourceDetails08/31/2006FL5Motor Vehicle Dept.ODOMETER READING FROM DMV09/11/2006ORLANDO, FL Motor Vehicle Dept.TITLE (Title #:0096670362) (Leased Vehicle) (Lien Reported)TITLED OR REGISTERED AS A RENTAL VEHICLE, OR PART OF A RENTAL FLEET09/13/2006ORLANDO, FL Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL (Leased Vehicle)TITLED OR REGISTERED AS A RENTAL VEHICLE, OR PART OF A RENTAL FLEET06/07/2007TN8,419Auto AuctionREPORTED AT AUTO AUCTION AS MANUFACTURER VEHICLE07/23/2007MERIDIAN, MS8,469Motor Vehicle Dept.TITLE (Title #:E603364-01) (Lien Reported)07/31/2007MERIDIAN, MS Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/31/2008MERIDIAN, MS Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/31/2009MERIDIAN, MS Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/15/2010PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/26/2010PLANO, TX48,247Motor Vehicle Dept.TITLE (Title #:04333640372091312)07/01/2011PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/21/2011PLANO, TX60,075Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2012PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/13/2012PLANO, TX77,025Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2013PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/17/2013PLANO, TX86,712Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2014PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL07/26/2014PLANO, TX97,535Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2015PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL06/05/2016FRISCO, TX118,812Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2016PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL06/03/2017FRISCO, TX129,640Independent Emission SourcePASSED EMISSION INSPECTIONPASSED SAFETY INSPECTION07/01/2017PLANO, TX Motor Vehicle Dept.REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWALThis Vehicle's GlossaryBelow are the specific definitions for events that appear in this vehicle's report.More information is available in the full AutoCheck glossary.TermSection LocationDefinitionLoan/LienVehicle Use and Event CheckA loan/lien is the legal right to take and hold or sell the vehicle of a debtor as security or payment for a debt. Normally, a vehicle will have a lien due to a loan or unpaid repair bill against the vehicle. Check with the seller to ensure that the lien has been satisfied.Emission/Safety InspectionVehicle Use and Event CheckAn approved emission testing station has inspected the vehicle to measure the amount of pollutants the vehicle emits into the environment.Fleet, Rental and/or Lease UseVehicle Use and Event CheckThe vehicle has been reported as used as a fleet, rental, and/or lease vehicle. AutoCheck Terms and Conditions This report, and any reliance upon it, is subject to AutoCheck Terms and Conditions . If you obtained the report from a dealer, the dealer has been provided with these Terms & Conditions and can share them with you. These AutoCheck Terms and Conditions are also available at any time at www.autocheck.com/terms or by writing to Experian: Experian Automotive C/O AutoCheck Customer Service 955 American Lane Schaumburg IL 60173About AutoCheck AutoCheck vehicle history reports by Experian Automotive is the leading vehicle history reporting service. With expert data handling, the Experian Automotive database houses over 4 billion records on a half a billion vehicles. Every AutoCheck vehicle history report will give you confidence when buying or selling your next used vehicle, with superior customer service every step of the way.Patent Notice Certain aspects of this vehicle history report may be covered by U.S. Patent 8,005,759.