2006 Chevrolet Malibu MAXX 5dr Sdn SS$5,995(Bristol, CT)

If you have:1) At least $1200 a month in income.(Must have paystubs w/ year to date if W-2 employee, 3 months Bank statements if self employed or paid cash, or showing Disability/ SSI deposits) 2) A valid drivers license, state ID or permit. 3) $1,000 downpayment minimum.($7,000+ vehicles will require $1500-$2000 down)(If there are no repos or bankruptcies) 4) A valid Social Security Number.(No EIN's or Foreign Nationals) Then we can guarantee credit approval! No gimmicks, no flim-flam, jabberwocky, poppycock, malarkey, gobbledygook or hogwash. We use real banks here for every credit type no matter how good or poor.. I can still get you approved. Without charging thousands over the book value like most of these dealerships do to make the deal work. I have good relationships with banks that are hungry for business. Banks that I can speak directly to the underwriters and figure out what needs to get done to make the loan work. It's that kind of personal touch and competitive spirit that gets loans done and people into cars.So call us now and we can speak in detail to get you approved. It only takes about 15 minutes. Its that easy!