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Looking to purchase a 991.2 highly optioned Winged car, or a nicely optioned wingless. Please PM me if you are considering selling one in this hot market. Manuals always preferred Thanks
Hello. I am looking for a 65-70 deville. Coupe or sedan. Doesn't matter to me. I'm looking to spend around 5 or 6k. Thanks
Hi, I have just sold my NSX and am looking to get into an E39 M5 again. I am after a car with all the big maintenance items done. I am pretty flexible with exterior colour but I don't want a car with two-tone seats (blue/black or grey/black). Heritage is a bonus. No rusty cars, please. UK based. Please let me know what you have. Cheers, Fred
Looking for a 4WD FJ for $20K or under. I'm in Michigan but I travel a little ways for a nice car with less rust.
I m looking for an excellent low mile Wide body 993 Tiptronic or manual Narrow body, likely in the $60k-$80k range for the quality of car that I want. Please respond via private message with a detailed description and your asking price. Must be open to a PPI at my expense. I m in no rush, so feel free to reach out if you have a car stored away for the winter that you might consider selling in t...
I ve been looking for a long ass time for a white manual spyder. I live in denver CO and am willing to drive a BIT to get one but the only spyder els I ve come across in 6 months here are red or silver - neither colors I want. Painting the car is not an option. Want all original. Ideally 2003+ but not a deal breaker. Anyone willing to let yours go?
Must be clean(ish), stick. Looking for a solid daily. NO SILVER CARS PLEASE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I guess my username probably gets the point across. Stock, modified, whatever. My biggest thing is it needs to be in good mechanical condition. Ugly or not doesn t really matter to me. I can take care of all of that. I m local to Knoxville, TN. Pm, respond to thread, or text me 4043451837
Currently have a 2008 R350 and on the hunt for a facelifted one. Must have's: no beige interiors, AMG trim package, 2nd row must have the bench seats captain chairs are a deal breaker, pano roof, low miles, clean title, west coast car, etc. If I find the perfect spec with ~70k miles I'm willing to spend $17k-$18k. I'm in NorCal.
As the title states. Looking for a usb isf. If you have one PM me. Prefer 2010 and up with lower mileage. If you are in FL even better. PM ME!! Thanks!!
Hello all. Indeed the acronym stands true...A.L.F.A. - Always Looking For Another..haha! I think the 3.0 Milano needs a partner for nice days...MAYBE a trade....anyone that has a line on a clean/well sorted one (doesn't have to be a show car but nice with good gearbox, seats, dash, top, no rust, weeping leaks that works would be a miracle) would love to hear from you! Feel free to tex...
**Still looking for her as of July 27, 2020** I'm in search of a white 1971 VW Westfalia pop-top campmobile bus that I owned back in the 90's when I lived in central Ohio (I m now in West Michigan). I sold it to raise the funds needed to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring (now my wife of 20 years). The gentleman who bought it in 1999 lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and he drove it all the...
Looking for a nice, clean Cayman S with preferably under 50k miles. Prefer a well maintained one with service records. It must be 6 speed and no reds/yellows.
As title states, I am in the market for a GTI, can be either a 2.0 or VR6, in SoCal, NorCal or Arizona
I am looking for a good project car. My favorite family car growing up was my Mom's 1976 gold Cadillac Seville. Does anyone have a name or resource I can contact to get a repairable? Many of the cars currently for sale online are in very good condition and don't need a full restoration. Many have probably been parted or crushed, but I'm hoping to find one in decent enough condition to rescue. T...
I sold this chassis about 10 years ago from DANA POINT in SoCal ...... I think the guy I sold it to was local within 50 miles or so ...... If you have any information please get in contact ......... Cheers PLEASE SEE THE PHOTOS ABOVE ........... THANKS PS ..... Thanks but I AM NOT looking for any other rail frame other than the one in this advert ...... Cheers I do not currently have this for s...
Hey guys I m looking for a very well taken care of 2001 Biarritz blue 740i sport package in the 90-130k mile range I am located in Michigan but don t mind out of state buys I m specifically looking for the blue but I am open to imola red and black as well
I m in pursuit of the dream. I am looking for your hard top, high top, pop top, transporter, or camper Vanagon (T3) (Syncro or 2wd)! For over a decade I have lusted over owning one, and now is the time to make it happen. I m not a reseller, just a person looking to get into their van and enjoy it for the rest of their life. I'm located in SLC UT but am willing to travel for a running or non-run...
I have money to buy an xke and hope someone here has one they would sell. I have the correct amount and am ready to buy it and will look at any condition.
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